Is this the day Palace stayed up

Remember, development equals the sum of all of its parts (coaching, training, appropriate responsibilities) and is a vital part of growing our future leaders. But they must bring a few things to the table that you simply cannot „train in.“ You can train them to have a work ethic, for example. They must bring that with them when hired.

We have to make sure that we focused and ready for the game. Obviously it a bad feeling right now but you have to dig deep and find out what we made of here. That it for now. The Pens were cash poor and unable to maintain their star players from the early 90’s glory years. As is the case with so any struggling franchises, the Pens lost their top players one at a time. They did, however, hold onto Jagr.

Hesson sites only winning 5 of the last 30 ODI’s as a reason to change captaincy. In Taylors 17 completed ODI’s against test playing nations as captain he has won 5 (29%), 2 of which were against Zimbabwe. Over the same time (since 2010 Chapple Hadlee) Vettori has also captained NZ to 5 wins out of 20 matches against test playing nations (25%).

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