Die Medienblick Bonn Jingles

Die Abstimmung über den Medienblick Bonn Jingle ist geschlossen und die Gewinner stehen fest! Einige Studierende des Kurses Media Convergence hatten ihre Jingles eingereicht. Die Medienblick-Bonn-Nutzer haben in der letzten Ausgabe entschieden. Hier sind die Ergebnisse.

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Streets as a medium: ‘Operation Tirana’ – Art Tour to Albania

“Operation Tirana” might sound like a military adventure into Albania. But the artists behind this project did not spray the city of Tirana with bullets, but rather with paint. Lina Hartwieg interviewed the brains behind the operation.

Clash of the Social Media Titans

You get home, turn on the computer and check your e-mails. Those actions can be easily understood as global, at least in a society ruled by the Internet. But let’s consider this: what if – after turning on the computer – you first log onto Orkut? That is exactly what at least 27 million Brazilian web users do every day.  Clash of the Social Media Titans weiterlesen

Mediated Culture – Intercultural Media

This month the Medienblick Bonn is featuring a very unique group with a special topic: as part of a class on media convergence, students from 17 different countries – ranging from China to Portugal, from Brazil to Germany, from Russia to Kenia produced this month’s edition on “Mediated Culture.” Mediated Culture – Intercultural Media weiterlesen

Is social media social?

Is social media redefining traditional societal roles and bringing together people from different societies or is it alienating them? Society may be experiencing a shift in it’s traditional communication channels.  In effect we can almost always communicate whenever, wherever with whomever we wish to communicate with because of the rapid development of technology. The question however remains as to whether the increase in communication channels and it’s ubiquitous nature translate into a more social society. Are people vibrantly communicating with each other through these channels or are they shying away?
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Ethiopians Bypass Censorship Online

The poverty-striken East African nation of Ethiopia, a recipient of a huge amount of aid from the USA, has officially jammed The Voice of America‘s and German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle’s signals. Critics say it was an effort to repress public opinion prior to the fourth general elections on May 15th, 2010. But many Ethiopian diaspora have found a way to circumvent the jamming and get their voices heard.

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Portugal Goes Facebook

The land that once ruled the seas is now sailing in different waters, and social media may be the new compass of the web navigators. More than two million Portuguese have registered on the world’s largest social network. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is the most famous newcomer to Facebook. He added almost five million fans in just three days.

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Ein Leben unter Beobachtung – ein Leben mit der Internetzensur Chinas

Seit 2006 ist die Internetzensur in China offiziell. Seitdem werden Webseiten gesperrt, E-Mails überprüft, User beobachtet und Internetcafés überwacht. Tausende Chinesen versuchen sich gegen diese Einschränkungen ihrer Freiheit zu wehren. Bislang aber ohne großen Erfolg. Boying und Wei, zwei chinesische Gaststudenten an der Universität Bonn, geben uns einen kleinen Einblick in ihren Alltag und erzählen uns, wie sie mit der Internetzensur umgehen und leben… Ein Leben unter Beobachtung — ein Leben mit der Internetzensur Chinas weiterlesen